Oil Palm Industry

Using Drones in Oil Palm industry improves 20%-35% yield and productivity. Drone data will provide you accurate information and preventive counter measures for interventions.

Durian Plantation

In Durian Plantation Drones helps to identify the fruit ripe rating for harvesting. To avoid vast damage by insects and worms, drone identifies and inform the necessity of spraying pesticides.

Coconut (Kelapa)

To identify the trees, tree health and coconut count, we use drones in Coconut plantations. Drones helps to identify the numbers of coconut and health of coconut even before harvest.

Our Agriculture Solution

Agrosol, Drone based precision agriculture solutions.

Agrosol is focusing on drone based precision agriculture solution for Malaysian plantation industry and farmers.

Drones have revolutionized agriculture by offering farmers major cost savings, enhanced efficiency, and more profitability. By quickly surveying vast stretches of farmland, drones can map the property, report on crop health, improve spraying accuracy, monitor livestock and irrigation systems, and more.

Precision Agriculture is a management strategy that gathers, processes and analyzes temporal, spatial and individual data and combines it with other information to support management decisions according to estimated variability for improved resource use efficiency, productivity, quality, profitability and sustainability of agricultural production.

The Role of Drone Technology in Sustainable Agriculture

Integrating drone-based aerial intelligence into farming requires more than just picking a solid flight platform. Drones, sensors, flight software, and analytics converge into a robust data value chain, forming a powerful precision agriculture solution.

Agrosol provide a sophisticated software to monitor and intervene your plantation and farm real time problems and issues.

Our Solutions

Aerial Mapping

Aerial mapping is a primary step to do precision agriculture, during aerial mapping we collect the raw data from drones and process the data and images to get accurate information about your plantation.

Tree Health

With the bench mark of Tree health parameters provided by MPOB (Malaysian Palm Oil Board) , We could give you accurate tree health information linked with GEO data. With that data, drone could reach the affected tree to do necessary intervention.

Tree Count

In Oil Palm industry, we use sophisticated technology to count trees with 99% accuracy rate. Using image processing and live stock counting methods, we count the tree at the most accurate rate.


Disperse Herbicide is a precise and important task in Plantation. Unnecessary plants and grass will absorb fertilizer from Oil Palm tree. It will massively affect the growth of the tree and the Yield. With the precise data, our drone disperse Herbicide to the area which need to be sprayed.

Geo Tree Tagging

Geo tree tagging is the process of giving unique digital ID for each trees. We provide unique tree id with GEO information (long & lat) data. Tree data linked directly to Google Map API.

Bunch Count & Analysis

Pollination in Plantation happens naturally, but some times due to many reasons, pollination happens very poorly, which will affect the yield of the harvest. Our drone helps many plantation to make pollination very effectively.

Drone based solutions by crop

We provide wide range of solutions for various crops like Paddy, chilly, sunflower and other vegetables. We also provide to count live stock in cattles.

The technology can be used to survey crops and take photos of plants, allowing farmers to find insects, pest damage, weeds, diseased plants, and mold. The Agri Drone goes one step further. The “pinpoint insect extermination” feature allows farmers to attach a pesticide bottle to the drone and spray only areas where insects are detected, reducing labor and the amount of chemicals used.

It’s difficult for labor to carry the spraying machine and control the number of chemicals. Labor-Oriented spraying still has errors. Wrong spraying method can lead to delayed harvest or lower crop yields. However, agriculture drones can control the right amount of the chemicals dropped into the fields in the right direction and at the right amount. As a result, the crops yield better

New Appeal

Attracting younger generations of farmers is a continuous problem. We believe that the piloting of drones is a skill set the younger generation finds attractive. “We feel that introducing a new skill set such as this could provide some benefit to the shrinking labor pool within agriculture. While many people do not have any interest in hand spraying a field, they may have interest in piloting an unmanned helicopter to do the spraying.”

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Our Software Solution


Agrosol System is a Precision Agriculture Automation & Managemenet tool, designed to maximize yield and revenue related to crops and Oil Palm using data-driven insights. This software assists with information such as ideal planting, Your SOil Type, Ph value, Tree count, Tree GEO Tagging, Tree Health, Bunch Count, Preventive Actions, Predictive Analysis Report, Smart Reports and Intervention Schedule. Agrosol (Precision agriculture software) offers predictive analytics features such as Yield size, Yield production, Expected waste, and profitability in relation to market values, allowing farmers and growers to make optimal production decisions throughout each growth cycle.

Analysis Reports

We provide Land Analysis report along with the soil test report. Identify the soil type and our system will do the estimation of fertilizer disperse calculation per year. System advice you with the precise historical data, how much fertilizer needed for the up coming fertilizing season.

Our system will provide you a precise fertilizer disperse plan and amount of fertilizer needed. Weather report is very important to proceed all kind of tasks in the plantaiton, we also integrate weather API with our system.

Our System also do Land analysis (Planted area vs Un-Planted area), after the complete analysis , our system will provide you a excellent analysis report based on MPOB (Malaysian Palm Oil Board) guidance on species, how much tree you could plant effectively more than the current one and how much yield you could produce in the past and per year basis based on the tree age and also gives you a plantation guidance for future planting.

Predictive Reports

Our system will provides you a comprehensive predictive report on Tree Health, Yield Production and Bunch Count based on Fertilizer disperse. By setting up the tree health percentage, the system will generate an excellent Healthy tree vs Un-healthy Tree report.

In yield production, our system will analyse the historical data and gives you the estimated yield production for the current harvesting season.

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